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Klaus-Walter May: Treasurer

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Born June 26, 1944 in Augsburg, Germany

Gannon University (B.A., 1966 - History and Philosophy). University of Illinois (M.S., 1968) and Pennsylvania State University (1969-71).

Over 30 years' experience are highlighted by program development and public policy initiatives in human resources, community development, and international cooperation.

1992 - Present: With Bionomics International, a not-for-profit organization he co-founded, he has promoted and contributed to the design of scientific endeavors, including a UN Environment Program-sponsored Information Resource on Release of Organisms into the Environment, addressing biosafety and risk assessment capacity-building in less developed countries; an international Mushroom Biotechnology Network initiative; and proposed studies on paddy rice field ecosystems and international access to scientific and technological information by women.

1992-93: Co-chaired sessions of African Regional Technology Symposium on Food Fermentation Technology by the UN Industrial Development Decade of Africa Program and prepared report on "Enhancing African Biotechnology Capacities" including a regional African Biotechnology and Environmental Technology Information Resource system of interactive science informatics help desks and networks, initiatives on food fermentation, mushroom biotechnology, aquatic microbiology, leishmaniasis/ trypanosmiasis, and African women in microbiology and biotechnology; has since cooperated with African collaborators on related and other initiatives; participated in U.S. Department of Commerce "Development Practitioners Project" and expert panel and helped identify "best practices" in technology transfer, business incubation, enterprise zones, and trade promotion; participated in U.S. Office of Technology Assessment Panel on an Over-the-Road Transportation Systems study on assistive technology and access designs for elderly and disabled; helped organize and co-chair first National Forum on Assistive Technology Transfers by National Technology Transfer Center and prepared consensus report.

1986-92: advised and drafted documents for Dean of African Diplomatic Corps and Chairman of African Ambassadors' Group of Washington on World Bank and United Nations policies, trade, debt relief, food aid, hazardous waste dumping in Africa, stabilization in Southern Africa, abolition of apartheid, and coordination with Organization of African Unity; advised Government of Cape Verde on transhipment and off-shore ship registry, air transport, distance learning, coastal resources, desalination, energy, small business credit, cooperatives, and food aid, and helped it initiate a U.S. "Investment and Export Promotion Program" model with export processing zone, code reform, and "one-stop" investment and export promotion center model features adapted by the World Bank and various donor countries.

1976-85: provided technical assistance on development programs and policy initiatives for Sahel Committee of African Ambassadors' Group of Washington, D.C. and Permanent Interstate Committee on Combating Drought in the Sahel; assisted in African Development Foundation start-up and early program phases; helped organize National Technical Association's first national minority technology transfer conference; helped develop programs sponsored by Boricua College; supported Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation Fellows Program, Youth Policy Institute, and other programs; assisted National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs on neighborhood revitalization and other national urban policy initiatives; assisted Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund on national litigation and public education agenda; Staff Director for plaintiffs' representatives in Special Review Committee (U.S. Federal District Court) on NAACP v. Brennan et al. to implement migrant farm labor policy consent decree.

Early 1970s: helped National Council of La Raza and La Causa Comun establish Washington offices; addressed organizations' full range of program and policy activities. Served as Advisor and Legislative Coordinator of National Association of Concerned Veterans; helped establish Washington office and coordinate efforts with other national organizations; assisted in drafting and securing passage of Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1972; advanced disabled, minority, and women veterans' rights; and promoted passage of National Rehabilitation Act and research on toxic chemical exposures in Vietnam; helped design, develop, and administer Pennsylvania State University system's Educational Opportunity Program and initiated and promoted other university endeavors; as Advisor to University's veterans organization assisted then-Governor Milton Shapp's Program to Advance Veterans Education and promoted new state legislation and programs for veterans.

Other Information: Mr. May has authored and co-authored reports, studies, and articles on employment and training, higher education, bilingual education, community and youth development, U.S. statistical services, technology transfer, and aspects of African development.

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