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David A. Portyrata:  Programmer Analyst

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Born May 18, 1951, Exeter, NH, USA.

University of Rhode Island (B.S., 1973 - Zoology)

Author of 4 papers on the use of computer technology in biology

1993 - Present
Bionomics International

Webmaster for all web sites maintained by Bionomics International. These sites include: Bionomics International Web Site, RKC Coding System Information Web Site and Biosafety and Risk Assessment Web Site. Responsibilities include updating static pages of web sites, maintaining server resident databases used to generate dynamic web site pages, maintain software and document download sites, generate CD-ROM versions of sites for distribution, and provide tools for designated company and project personnel to maintain these web sites.

A member of a company project team which is developing a Microbial Database System for use by microbiologists in the field and laboratory. The system is designed to run on a wide variety of platforms running Windows NT and Windows 95. The system utilizes an Object Database Management System (ODBMS) and object oriented development tools. Responsibilities include: designing and implementing classes used to manipulate and store objects, writing online help documentation, generating installation files for distribution and downloading.

1980 - 1993
Senior Scientist
Atlantic Research Corporation
Professional Services Group

Managed a contract to provide support for the Microbial Information System (MICRO-IS) for the National Institute of Dental Research under an interagency agreement with the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Responsibilities included managing junior personnel, design and implementation of system components, providing user and programmer documentation, and providing programming support for specific tasks requested by users of the system. Mainframe and PC versions of the system were maintained in parallel.

Provided technical support to users of the Microbial Strain Data Network (MSDN). Responsibilities included providing automated data processing technical information to those users wishing to automate their data collection, and participating in evaluation and selection of an electronic mail system to be used by users of the Network.

Designed and implemented an interactive Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) database management system for the Center For Disease Control (CDC). An asynchronous communications program was used to upload GLC reports from a Perkin-Elmer GLC Analyzer to the database system. The system provided functions for editing GLC report data, normalizing GLC data, updating master data files, report generation, data analysis, and maintenance of auxiliary system files.

Participated in the design and implementation of drug testing monitoring system used by the Information Technology Branch's Developmental Therapeutics Program at the National Cancer Institute. Responsible for designing and implementing an integrated "shell" which integrated various application programs used to analyze drug testing data and generate reports on the results of drug testing.

Provided programming and data analysis support for various epidemiology tasks. These tasks included database design and implementation, database maintenance and generation of reports on cancer incidence on various populations. Many of these tasks involved working closely with researchers who were analyzing the data for cancer incidence patterns.

Designed and implemented an interactive graphics system used to graphically display skin cancer incidence and age-specific data. The system was designed to provide the researcher with a data analysis tool which could be used to generate publication-quality graphs. Responsibilities included: database maintenance, data archive maintenance and system documentation.

Member of a team which designed and implemented a Client Server based interactive report generation system for the Consumer Price Index for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Responsibilities included evaluation of several microcomputer programming languages, screen managers, and file managers; design of programs used to generate reports; initial file design for versions of the data files to be accessed and maintained using a B-Tree file package and/or the Britton-Lee IDM 500 relational data base machine; design and implementation of several utility libraries to provide for file access, screen management and online help; and writing user documentation.

Designed and implemented an interactive contract documentation management system for use by the General Accounting Office. The system was designed to monitor contract document requests, determine document location, generate form letters informing requestor of request status, generate form letters requesting copy of a specific contract from a contracting agency, generate mailing labels, update contract inventory, update location and request files, and obtain system statistics.

Responsible for Division's hardware and software procurement and maintenance of local area network (LAN). Responsibilities included training/managing junior LAN managers, LAN trouble shooting, LAN security monitoring, software installation and system maintenance, equipment and software procurement, equipment repair and submission of Division's annual equipment and software budget.

B. S. Zoology, 1973
Major Zoology, Minor Chemistry
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, R.I.

Military Service
U.S. Coast Guard, 1975-1980

Trained as Marine Science Technician and Sea Ice Observer and Forcaster. Received Sea Ice Observation and Forecasting Certification in 1978. Stationed on Ice Breaker and at the Coast Guard Oceanographic Unit in Washington D.C.. Received Letter of Commendation while assigned to Coast Guard Oceanographic Unit for outstanding performance of duties while assigned to Data Processing Branch. Honorable discharge with full disability with rank of Petty Officier First Class.


  • Over seven years of experience in managing multi-person projects. Includes contract implementation, technical manager and acting as main technical contact. Experience includes dealing with the international community.

  • Over seventeen years of experience in the design and implementation of multi-user interactive data-base systems used in the biomedical and oceanographic fields of research. Includes using full life cycle methodologies, writing system and user documentation, and interaction with users. Experience spans mainframe, mini and microcomputer application areas.

  • Over ten years of experience with SAS in the areas of biomedical applications and systems design.

  • Over thirteen years of experience in the design and implementation of single and multiuser interactive systems for microcomputer applications utilizing Pascal, C, C++, relational and object databases and full life cycle methodology.

  • Over six years of experience in evaluation and use of minicomputer and microcomputer database packages such as dBASE, Paradox, Rbase, Informix, SAS, Oracle (Pro*C, SQL*Forms, SQL*Plus, SQL*Menu), Poet and mySQL.

  • Over three years experience in developing MS Windows 16 bit and 32 bit database applications using C++, relational and object databases, visual and nonvisual frameworks and tools. These include Borland C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, zApp, ProtoView, Poet, Paradox, dBase, Rogue Wave STL library and Rogue Wave Tools library.

  • Over two years experience in designing, implementing and maintenance of non-commercial web sites. These sites reside on Windows NT and Unix servers. Tools used to implement these sites include: dynamic HTML, java, java scripts and applets, php3 scripts, cgi scripts, mySQL databases, FrontPage, NetObjects, and HomeSite.

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