EPA Risk Assessment Review Process

Process Steps




Receipt and Administrative Preparation


Focus Meeting


Preliminary Report Preparation


Work-Plan Meeting


Risk\Benefit Analysis and Science Review


Mid-Course Meeting


Report Finalization and Integration of Findings


Final Reports Meeting


Final Report:  Hazard\Risk


Options Meeting


Brief Division Directors

Biosafety Science
Estimate Hazard
Estimate Exposure
Risk Assessment and Characterization
Risk Management
Protocols and Procedures
EPA Risk Assessment Review Process

Options Meeting
Timeline:  Day 78

TSCA Options

TSCA permits managers to allow unrestricted use of a new product or to reach an agreement with the applicant or restricted use. TSCA also allows mangers to impose monitoring requirements and to require post release notification of adverse effects. The science reports are reviewed at the options meeting and the implications of the findings in terms of available options are discussed. After approval, with or without restrictions, the applicant can only reapply via a new application for a change in restrictions or new use.

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